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Monitors and Alarms to protect those with Epilepsy, the elderly, frail and disabled.

Alert-it Care Alarm Technology is the UK’s foremost providers of Plesiocare within Assistive Technology for all care markets. Monitors and alarms that can reduce the stress of caring for individuals with a wide range of needs and improve the experience of the persons being cared for. Our expertise and products can be invaluable in the care of individuals with Epilepsy, Learning Difficulties, Autism, Dementia, Incontinence and those at risk of falls.





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For Public Sector

We supply various local authorities across the UK.
Products and advice for both self funded and funded individuals.

For Care

Providing advice, solutions and support across various care sectors and organisations.

For You

Finding the right assistive technology solution to suit your requirements can be tough, our team will assist you every step of the way.

What our clients say.

Independence Homes

Alert-it have worked with us to produce bespoke products that means our service users feel safe.

Independence HomesMedical Director
Mr & Mrs Wood

The alarm is simple easy to use and the alarm wakes you up with ease.

Mr & Mrs WoodNuneaton
Martin Care

We have met many dedicated people doing amazing and innovative work to make the lives of chronically ill, elderly and disabled people as good as they can be… For your role in this we offer you our sincere thanks.

Martin Care

Designed & Manufactured In The UK

Alert-it Care Alarms are social aids designed and manufactured in accordance with 93/42/EEC as Class 1 Medical Devices. They are intended to improve the vigilance of carers to distressing side-effects of various conditions, such as Epilepsy and Dementia. They do not monitor vital physiological processes and should not be expected to diagnose any disease or predict the onset of any symptoms. The units have been designed with the utmost concern for safety, integrity and rapid detection. While no system can be infallible, the use of “Alert-it” will greatly reduce the risk of undetected distress and reduce the anxiety for both users and carers. Manufactured in UK by ITS Designs Ltd. The Alert-it logo is the trademark of ITS Designs Ltd.